Tuesday, 3 November 2015

How to Write a Long Essay and How to Expand Your Essays When You Are Not Meeting the Word Count

1) Begin your writing with a brainstorm session. Jot down as many different topics and angles that you can write from. For each topic write three paragraphs, for each paragraph write three sentences. This rule of 3 is a simple rule of thumb to use for any writing.
2) Add good quotes. If you are referencing another person or work, add quotes to fill in space. When you insert a quote, you should then describe or explain the meaning of the quote, again this is a very effective word filler.
3) Read words randomly from a thesaurus. That's right, I said read a thesaurus. The reason for this is that reading a thesaurus (or dictionary) will jog your memory. As your read random words you will discover new angles and sub-topics that you can write about. Try it for yourself.
4) Leave the essay or assignment and go and do something else. This 'fresh eyes' approach will give you time for the subject to mature in your mind. Go for a walk, watch a movie or get out of the office. Regular breaks like this will leave you feeling refreshed and is sometimes the fastest way to progress your writing.
5) Talk to others about your topic. Have a robust discussion with friends and family can stimulate your thinking. Explain to them what you are writing about and have them come up with things that you hadn't considered. I find that this works best when there are at least three people. They all begin to feed of each others ideas and you end up with other things to write about.
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